My Why

My love for photography runs deep. When I'm not documenting your birth or newborn stories, I'm creating memories of my own. While I love all genres, I knew once I got serious about going full-time in the business, I would eventually have to niche down to something that fueled my fire. I can remember the early years, when photography was just a hobby, having family and others propositioned me to do portrait sessions. When I tell you that I literally felt sick at the thought of having to make people look at my lens and put on a phony smile - I'm not exaggerating! It pained me. I view photography as art that evokes a feeling. Posing and forced people to "smile for the camera" just never felt real to me. To be honest with you, it turned me off so much that I started to evade my calling. I stepped away from it for a while and focused on work and taking college courses in a field that had nothing to do with photography. My attention shifted to my other passion, healthcare. In the 5 years that I pursued a career in healthcare I graduated from medical assisting school with honors and continued my education to enter into the nursing field. My goal was to become a labor and deliver nurse. However, microbiology became my mortal enemy. I just could not pass the course to save my life! I passed the lab portion, but that written part had a sista cryin' the blues. Partly because I was pregnant when I had to take the course the second time around, but mostly because I wanted it so badly. I live by the thought that everything happens for a reason - including my demise as an aspiring labor & delivery nurse.

2017 - Easter photo of my youngest. I was still in transition regarding my style and the genre I wanted to settle into.

Despite that obstacle, I continued on and planned to take the course for the third time after I gave birth. Let me just pause to say that any mom can tell you about the mental battle that plagues them when it comes to heading back to work. That was my dilemma with all of my children, but this time something switched. After my baby was born, the photography flame had been reignited. I started capturing all of her milestones and became obsessed with learning my camera in a way I never had before. My fiancé, who is the most ambitious and driven person I know, always inspires me to go above and beyond what I see and to create the future I want. His voice is what kept echoing in my head when I had to make the decision regarding leaving our daughter or going back to school. With prayer and his full support, I came to the conclusion that I would follow my heart; stay home and realign myself with the my calling.

I dabbled here and there to see what style best fit my personality, but nothing gives me the feels like capturing others living their authentic lives and seizing those moments as they unfold. This is why I chose birth and documentary-style photography - it's the organic, raw, and emotive - and that's what I want to present to the world and preserve for families.

I don't wanna make this super long, but my goal for 2020 is to BE MORE! More intentional, more transparent, more present, and more focused. Hence, the reason for this blog/phlog! It's something I've been putting off for a long time. In my pursuit to be more barefaced and transparent, I hope this encourages you to activate something that's been lying dormant in you. 2020 is the year of double portion. The year you see a double blessing for having to endure seasons of heartache, disappointment, and even critical thinking. I plan to continue to invest, align, and position myself for opportunities so that those in need of my gift can gain access to it.

Here's some images of my personal work of my littlest little, my muse. She gives me so much inspiration! I hope she doesn't get camera shy on me anytime soon. Enjoy!

child-holding-paintbrush-painting-on easel

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