Why Home Birth?

As we all continue to get acclimated to our temporary 'new normal' of social distancing to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, more expectant families initially set to give birth are now considering home birth as a safe out-of-hospital alternative. The risk of A lot of it has to do with the drastic changes in hospital policies regarding visitors. In some areas, the new restrictions include limiting support people for birthing mothers like their doula, birth photographer, and in some cases even their partner; leaving moms to birth alone. The thought alone is scary, but there is hope!

Midwives all over the Maryland, DC, and Virginia areas have seen a significant spike in inquiries for home birth. Finding a midwife that respects your choices and beliefs gives a birthing mother an unbelievable sense of comfort during this monumental time in your life.

maryland midwife checking fetal heartbeat while pregnant woman labors in blue birthing pool

Is Home Birth Right For You?

The relationship between a birthing woman and her midwife is one to be treasured. As with anything, research, educate yourself, and have the conversation with a midwife in order to help you make this important decision. We know that every pregnancy is different, and while birthing your baby at home is a relaxed, safe, and financially reasonable alternative to hospital birth, there are certain low risk requirements that must be met in order to be considered a good candidate. These include but may not limited to:

  • No pre-existing or pregnancy induced medical conditions
  • Baby is growing well and on track
  • You're planning a vaginal birth
  • You're birthing between 37-42 weeks
  • You wish to labor naturally with little interventions
2 maryland midwives assisting woman in birthing pool during home birth

Is It Too Late To Switch?

There are many reasons an expectant mom may decide to switch care late in pregnancy, and luckily there are midwives willing to accept those transfers as late as 40 weeks! While uprooting your entire care plan and jumping ship can be stressful, it's worth it once you receive the confidence, support, and peace in your heart about how you want to welcome your baby earthside.

Is Home Birth In Your Budget? FYI: Your Insurance May Cover It

While it's not certain that your specific insurance company/plan will cover your home birth, many midwives currently work with a billing agency that handles the submission of claims to help navigate reimbursement once all home birth fees have been paid out of pocket. This service may vary, so check with your midwife to see if this is available for you. The value of midwifery care if worth it if you're willing to invest in the experience. Other possible options may include, payment plans and discounts, as well as planning ahead for the cost of this life event. Not eating out for a while, asking for donations, and scaling back on expenses are all ways to make home birth a reality for your family.

woman surrounded by 2 midwives and husband giving birth in birthing pool

Midwives Around The DMV Are Ready To Serve You

How and where you choose to give birth matters, and the blessing amid this COVID-19 crisis is that there are midwives around the DMV that are ready and prepared to serve you with a safe out-of-hospital experience.

Here is a list of midwives to consider around the Maryland, DC, and Virginia areas.

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