As protests continue around the world following the murder of George Floyd, residents from Severn communities come together to march for change within Anne Arundel County. I've been wanting to document protests in our area since the very beginning, but with the Coronavirus still looming around I've been extremely cautious about congregating in large crowds. However, on this day, I happened to a have a window open and could hear a voice over a blow horn shouting "No Justice!..." and a crowd of people roaring "No Peace!" I knew instantly that this was my opportunity to get some stills of the action, so I grabbed my camera from my bag and headed out. What I witnessed was people of all races marching together in solidarity spewing nothing but positivity and hope. Members of the Anne Arundel County Police Department handed out water, clergy spoke to the crowd of protesters and covered them and our nation in prayer, while demonstrators of all ages held up signs while chanting and marching peacefully seeking transformation for the years of injustice that's been plagued our nation for far to long.

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