The little things in life often become the big things as time passes. We'll never forget the early days and weeks of parenthood with a tiny, squishy baby - our attempts to survive on significantly less sleep, barely having time to comb our hair, or even remembering to grab a bite to eat - but what about the moments that we eventually forget about, like the way baby's tiny, diapered booty fits in the palm of your hand, the inquisitive look she gives as she attempts to focus in on the world around her, and who can forget the soft downy hairs that cover his curled-up ears and body... you will miss it all. Let's preserve those things that will one day become a distant memory.

What To Expect

This relaxed, unscripted, documentary-style session is generally baby-led. If baby is hungry, you feed him. If baby needs cuddles, you cuddle her. Diaper change? No problem! This is motherhood and I don't expect perfection from you or your baby. Newborns are amazing just the way they are, and so are you! No posing, no need to perform, or look at the camera - just you, dad, and new siblings (if this applies), being your authentic selves - I just happen to be there capturing you in your element.

We'll focus on baby's perfect little details, tiny features, and the extraordinary new love in your heart for this tiny human.

Let There Be Light!

Your home is the perfect backdrop. All that's needed is light tidying and natural light! Open the curtains or blinds and allow the light to stream into baby's nursery, your bedroom, or common living space - wherever you choose!

Feel free to turn on your favorite tunes and just vibe out!

The Delivery

Images will be delivered to your private online gallery in 2-4 weeks and your custom heirloom photo album will be delivered to your home within the same time frame.


Included In Your Investment

Documentary Newborn

45-Minute Documentary Session IN YOUR HOME
25 Digital Images (chosen by photographer)
8x8 Photo Album

*Newborn Photos & Film Combo Available

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Fresh 48

45-Minute Documentary Session AT BIRTH LOCATION
25 Digital Images (chosen by photographer)
8x8 Photo Album

*Freshly Born Photos & Film Combo Available

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Newborn & Fresh 48 FILM

60-Minute Documentary Session IN-HOME or BIRTH LOCATION
2-5 Minute Film Set To Licensed Music
Private Online Link To View/Share Your Film


“Where there's perfection, there's no story to tell”