Price is what you pay.
Value is what you get.

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Collection 01

The Crowd-Pleaser



On-Call 24/7 Beginning At 37 Weeks

Unlimited Birth Coverage

2-hours Postpartum Coverage

Minimum of 100 High Res Images

Birth Film

*Photo Album & Keepsake Box (Optional)

Starting from

$3,697 + TAX

Collection 02

The Motion Picture



On-Call 24/7 Beginning At 37 Weeks

Unlimited Birth Coverage

2-hours Postpartum Coverage

Birth Film

Starting from

$3697 + TAX

Collection 03

The Minimalist



On-Call 24/7 Beginning at 37 Weeks

Unlimited Birth Coverage

2-hour Postpartum Coverage

Minimum of 100 High Res Images

Starting from

$3697 + TAX

All Collections Require A $500 Retainer To Reserve Your Due Date

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

Preserving Your Story In A Revolutionary Way

This is not your ordinary photo album and keepsake box. Each album and box is conceived in Italy, featuring your uniquely designed photo album and birth film.

Your products are handcrafted from the finest materials and highlight superior, state-of-the-art printing.

It's my desire to provide you with a convenient, minimalistic, and uniquely combined heirloom that will be cherished by your family for well over 100 years.


Let's Be Real

There's so much more than money at stake here. These are your memories of a day you can NEVER REDO!

When you call, I'm there. Even at 2a.m. Hiring a professional means your partner is fully present and in the moment WITH YOU during labor and the bonding period after your baby is born. The gift of photography allows you to reminisce about one of the most accomplished and unforgettable days of your life.

The reward always outweighs the sacrifice.


I want to ensure that all families that find value in preserving their birth story are able to do so. So, I've implemented a payment plan for those that may require this option. This entails a $500 non-refundable retainer at booking, with the remaining balance due before 37 weeks. The remaining balance can be broken up in increments depending on the collection chosen and the time frame in which you secure your due date.

Want To Pay In Full?

Receive 5% off when you pay in full at booking.

*This non-refundable option can not be combined with any other offer.

Are You An Active Military Family?

You're eligible to receive a 5% reduction in price. Please mention this prior to booking.

*This non-refundable option can not be combined with any other offer. Available for active military only.

How This Works

1 - Once we establish my availability surrounding your due date, we can move forward with either a phone consultation, face-to-face meeting, or video chat. Some choose to forgo a meeting all together & would rather communicate via email or text, that's fine too! Either way, we'll discuss your ideal birth wishes, your preferences for birth images, & answer any remaining questions you may have.

Birth Videos and Photography | Annapolis Baltimore Birth Photographer Videographer

2 - Once you've chosen a birth collection, I'll email the booking information to you. This includes a proposal of services and contract. Be sure to read the contract thoroughly, sign, and submit it. The next page is where you'll pay your non-refundable retainer. That's it!

DC Birth Videographer Photographer | Joli Adore Photography Newborn Fresh 48

3 - If you choose to make payments, we'll discuss dates and get you set up to receive your automated invoices. You'll also receive emails from me periodically leading up to the moment I go on-call for your birth. One of these emails will include a questionnaire that reiterates your birth photography/videography wishes and highlights important info for me to know about your birth plan.

Lastly, in the final weeks, plan to keep me updated after your appointments if there have been any changes to your previous birth plan by either you or your care provider.

Home Birth Anapolis Baltimore Maryland DC | Freebirth Unassisted Birth Photography

When You Change The Way You View Birth, The Way You Birth Will Change.

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Take off $175

When you combine A *birth collection with an in-home Freshly Born session

*The Minimalist Birth Collection is not included with this offer.

Not redeemable for families outside DC, MD, & Northern VA

Can not be combined with any other offer.

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