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No matter what your birth story may look like, leave me to capture the authenticity of the moment as it unfolds. Contact me for availability and to reserve your due date.

Full - Birth Film

On-Call 24/7 Beginning At 37 Weeks
Time With You During Active Labor Until Baby Is Born
2-hours Postpartum Coverage
7+ Minute Full Birth Film

contact For Pricing

Deluxe - Photos & Film

On-Call 24/7 Beginning At 37 Weeks
Time With You During Active Labor Until Baby Is Born
2-hours Postpartum Coverage
Minimum of 100 Downloadable Images (chosen by photographer)
8x8 Photo Album
3-4 Min Short Birth Film

Contact For Pricing


On-Call 24/7 Beginning at 37 Weeks
Time With You During Active Labor Until Baby Is Born
1-hour Postpartum Coverage
10 Images (chosen by photographer)

$1,200 + tax

Investment prices are subject to change without notice.

Payment Plans Available

My goal is to ensure that all families who find value in preserving their birth story are able to do so. I've implemented payment plans for those that may like this option. This entails a $397 non-refundable retainer at booking, with the remaining balance due before 37 weeks. The remaining balance can be broken up into bi-weekly or monthly increments depending on the collection chosen and the time frame in which you secure your due date on my calendar. The starting price for birth photography is $1,200.


Why Should I Hire A Photographer?

Delegating "picture duty" to someone other than a professional photographer is like telling your wedding guests to take cellphone pictures on your wedding day. Nothing compares to the day you meet your baby for the first time. In that moment a family is born. Birth photography helps to preserve the beautiful memories of your unique and emotional birth story, including all of the details surrounding that day. It's true when they say that the instant your baby is placed on your chest, the mental memory of the day becomes a blur. The value of hiring an experienced professional in the genre of birth will always be worth the investment.

How Far Do You Travel?

I'm centrally located in Maryland, which allows me to travel throughout the Maryland, DC, Northern Virginia, and the Pennsylvania areas. More specifically, up to 1.5hrs away or approximately 80 miles. Traveling further is not off the table - just contact me and we can work something out if I have ample availability.

*Travel exceeding 80 miles will be charged $.55/mile.

When Should I Book You? Do I Need To Inform My Provider?

Most clients book in their 2nd trimester. However, as soon as you believe that I am a good fit for you, I would recommend moving forward with booking. Only a limited number of spaces are available each month. If you're interested in starting a payment plan, sooner is always best.

*Please inform your provider that you're thinking about hiring a birth photographer prior to booking. While many providers are on board, if you are planning a hospital birth or c-section, there may be policies in place with restrictions that I must know about ahead of time and abide by. For example, some hospitals prohibit videography, which means that booking a film collection would not be ideal for you.

When you're ready to book or if you would like more info, simply fill out the contact form to get the process started!

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

YES! There can be a lot of expenses for expectant parents, and while birth photography is considered a luxury to some and a must for others, your memories don't have to be out of reach. There are three collections available to choose from. While a deposit is required to hold your spot, we can map out a tailored monthly or bi-weekly payment plan that works best for your family, with final payment due before 37 weeks. If you have a unique situation, I will do my best to work with you - just contact me.

*Something to consider:
-Add birth photography to your gift registry
-Ask loved ones for donations to help with the expense

Capturing the memory of the day your baby is born is the ultimate gift that will never lose its value.

Will It Be Awkward Having A Photographer In The Room?

A consultation is always available to see if we mesh well before the big day. I don't take being invited into your birth space lightly. I come with the best of intentions, positive energy, and prayers (if you need them). I allow the staff to do their job and my job is to stay out of their way. I tend to be unobtrusive and don't speak unless I'm spoken to. This is how I choose to keep your birth space sacred. I'm a mama myself, so no matter what happens, you're in a judgement-free zone with me. You also, have the choice to ask me to step out at any time (I also have discernment to know when you may need a break).

When Do You Go On-Call?

Beginning at 37 weeks, I go on-call for your birth. My gear is ready, I have my babysitter in place, I'm usually never more than 1-hour from my home.
I make contact with you shortly before 37 weeks to see how you are doing, if any changes have been made to your birth plan, and to go over some important reminders for when labor begins!

When Do You Arrive?

Once you're in active labor or 5-6cm, I'm prepared to meet you at your birthing place. Communication is key! I recommend designating someone to keep me updated with your progress once labor has started. Active labor may look different from woman to woman, so I generally gauge this based off of your history...and my gut! If you're a bit farther away from me, I may make the drive sooner so that I don't miss your birth.

How Long Do You Stay?

I'm with you until your baby arrives How long I stay after the birth depends on the collection you choose. I'm usually there for 1-2 hours postpartum to capture those unforgettable first moments (skin to skin, measurements, footprints, sibling meetings, etc).

What If You Miss My Birth?

We want to avoid this, so remember communication is key! As soon as you feel like something is happening - you start having more frequent contractions, or your water breaks CONTACT ME so that I can prepare to make it to you in time. If your symptoms warrant a call to your OB, midwife and/or doula, I'm next on the list.

If labor happens to go unexpectedly fast and I miss your birth, I will still come to capture whatever I can to fulfill my obligation to you and deliver (as close as possible) the number of images promised.

What If Baby Decides To Come Early or After My Due Date?

Baby's all have their own agenda, they don't care about due dates. If you go into preterm labor, still call/text me and I'll do my very best to get there asap. If you go past your estimated due date, I'm still on-call for you and will be waiting right along with you for baby's arrival.

Do You Use Flash?

Yes, and here's why: Once hired I'm expected to produce usable images that you will love and cherish. I'm confident that my camera is equipped to handle low light, but keep in mind, there must be some light available in order for my camera to catch focus.

Moms have all said that they were unbothered or didn't notice the flash. Everyone is different, so if the flash is bothersome to you, just say the word and I stop immediately. The flash will never be pointed directly at anyone, but instead will be bounced off the wall or ceiling to create the soft light you see in most of my birth images.

Will You Post My Images Online?

It all depends on your level of comfort. The images in my portfolio gives other moms who may be interested in birth photography some insight into what it actually looks like and what my particular style is. HOWEVER, my first priority is YOU! I will never post graphic or more revealing images of you online that you are not comfortable with.

Do You Offer Videography?

YES! While still photographs are always a delight to have, hearing the sound of your baby's heartbeat on the fetal monitor, you or your partner's first words to your baby (some forget or don't realize what they said in the moment), and baby's very first cry is a memory that any parent would want.

Films are available as a stand-alone or can be added to any birth photography collection.

Please contact me for pricing.

What's Included In The Price?

You're investment includes:
-Complimentary consultation
-24/7 on-call starting at 37 weeks until baby is born
-Unlimited coverage from active labor until your baby is born
-Up to 2-hours postpartum coverage
-Post production/editing time
- Licensed music (films)

Keep in mind, this happens to be the only genre of photography where the photographer is required to be on-call 24/7 for possibly 4 weeks. Birth is highly unpredictable, and often unscheduled. You're also receiving a full-service experience from a full-time, professional photography business with high-end equipment.

How Many Images Can I Expect?

Within 24-48hours after birth, you can expect to receive at least 2 photos as a "sneak peek". Depending on the collection you choose, you'll receive at minimum 100, high resolution, digital images in color or black and white in your password-protected online gallery.

What Other Sessions Do You Offer?

-Birth Films
-Freshly Born / The Fourth Trimester (in-home or hospital)
-Breastfeeding (in-home or on-location)
-Childhood Documentary Films (contact me for more info!)
-Fetal Demise & Infant Loss

Videography can be added to any session for an additional fee.

“Price is what you pay.
Value is what you get.”