Meet Sherida

Sherida is an Award-Winning, Published and Certified Professional Birth Photographer equipped to handle not only the technical aspects of photography but also understands the foundation of the stages of labor, as well as navigating any birth space safely and respectfully, including the operating room.

As a self-taught artist, Sherida is obsessed with creating visuals from real-life events that give others the freedom to be themselves.

Words to best describe her work? Intensely EMOTIVE, AUTHENTIC, and RELEVANT.

Certified Professional Birth Photographer | Washington DC, Maryland, Virignia

Committed To Excellence

As a member of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers, it's my duty to uphold the code of ethics put in place. When you decide to work with me, please know that I do my job with a great level of professionalism, honesty, integrity, and present myself with the utmost respect within your birth space and to the medical professionals that care for you.

Joli Adore Photography Baltimore DC Virginia Home Birth Photographer

Awards & Recognition

Birth Photography | Award-Winning Birth Photographer | Joli Adore Photography

"Baby Got Back Fuzz"

"A Queen And Her Village"

Publications, Features, & Accomplishments

Black Birth Photographer specializing in home birth photography

Maryland fresh 48 newborn photographer | Joli Adore Photography | Black father holding newborn baby
published black birth photographer | joli adore photography
black newborn photographer in Maryland, DC, Virginia

There's More To Me Than Talent & Skill...

washington dc, wilmington delaware, pittsburgh, richmond virginia home birth photographer | Joli Adore Photography
  • I'm a former certified medical assistant & phlebotomist (phlebotomy cert is still current through 2023). Once upon a time, I aspired to be an L&D nurse.
  • Shoes have no place in my life.
  • I think of myself as a semi-crunchy natural parent. A little traditional, a little "give me all of the herbs, essential oils, + organic things!"
  • Inspirational & motivational Podcasts, Talk Radio, and some good ol' 90's throwback jams, please!
  • I think working on your birthday should be outlawed!
  • Road trips, beaches, mountain views, & cabin getaways are my favorite pastime.
  • Chips are my weakness.
  • Currently living that dairy-free, plant-based life!

My Tiny Tribe

I'm a former teen mom with a small tribe of 3 widely spaced & uniquely gifted children that keep me young at heart.

I'm just like you! I wish my children would stay little & let me hold their hand in public forever. I hold tight to the moments that I realize may change in a year.

I recognize firsthand how important this time in your life is & how quickly it passes. I make it a priority to deliver the results that I know you'll appreciate long after your baby has outgrown your lap.

Let's Work Together