The water birth of Kal-El

Home Sweet Home Birth

If I could've bottled up the aroma of incense and essential oils, smooth neo-soul tunes, and the overall vibe at this birth and plastered it on the screen for everyone to relive - I would! It was intoxicating and I inhaled every bit of it!

While I couldn't use any of the amazing songs played on the speaker at this birth, it was my intention to choose a track for this family's film that replicated the ambiance of their birth space.

This mama's village was in full support of her throughout her labor and birth. It was magical to watch.

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Black Woman Laboring With Black Doulas At Home Birth In Maryland
Black Woman Holding Her Pregnant Belly While Laboring With Doula Support At Home
Woman Laboring On Birthing Ball Next To Birth Pool With Family And Black Midwife Support
Woman Smelling Aromatherapy Essential Oil While Laboring On Birth Ball
Black Doula Rubbing Laboring Woman's Back While Sitting On Birth Ball
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Pregnant Woman On Floor Laboring As Support People Apply Counterpressure To Lower Back
Black woman laboring in blue water birth pool | Maryland Birth Photographer
Man kisses laboring woman's cheek and holds her hand while she sits in blue labor pool
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My Way Birth Midwifery | Cassandra Woods | Joli Adore Photography
Water birth at home with black family sitting in birth pool, father holds baby's hand with baby on moms chest
Black woman birthing at home | Freebirth | Baltimore Birth Photographer
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placenta in a red hazardous waste bag still attached to baby in delayed cord claming
black mother, father, and baby bonding after home birth
Black Midwife, Cassandra Woods, Helping New Mom With Breastfeeding