Telling Your Story As It Unfolds

The birth of your baby will transform you in a way that you never imagined. There's something magical taking place in those hours leading up to the second you say your first hello. In the moment your baby is born, so are you!

Let's commemorate this empowering, transformative, and joyous time in your life just as it happens with the art of birth photography.

Birth & Documentary Photography

Professional Birth Photographer & Videographer serving Maryland, DC, Virginia, and Pennsylvania


Your birth team will undoubtedly be there to offer unwavering emotional & physical support. As an incentive, your birth photographer focuses on the amazing details & remarkable moments you'll want to remember forever.
Nothing compares to the day you meet your new baby; and when it's all over, you'll see yourself in a way that'll give you a feeling of absolute power! Come discover why an increasing number of expectant moms around the DMV are choosing JAP to document their birth story.

More About Your Photographer
woman sitting on birthing ball in labor supported by doula at home birth

“The best images are the ones that retain their strength and impact over the years...”

baby crowning and emerging in vaginal birth

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